Birthday Cookie Platter

Give a kid a choice between good ole' birthday cake and a birthday cookie platter and then are likely to select the latter. In fact, them and their friends are sure to gobble up them up with only a few crumbs remaining of evidence they ever existed.

Sure you can decorate a cake, but with cookies each one can have a unique decoration and all of theme can be combined to form a birthday theme...something unique for your birthday boy or girl.

Are you looking for unique party ideas? Give Gina a call or send an email to create a personalized birthday gift. We can use your ideas or some of ours and come up with the perfect hand decorated sugar cookie for your special event.

The pictures below are only a few of the ideas we have created, and we are happy to custom design the perfect birthday cookie platter.

Order your cookie platter by calling us at (541) 977-9177, or send us an email