Cookie Business Gift

We did not start out planning to sell cookie business gifts in Bend, Oregon. But after a chance meeting with the owners of a local business that thought our cookies would be a great way to promote their business the word spread and we soon found ourselves making different cookies for local businesses.

corporate gift

These customers fall into 3 general categories; those that want to Thank their customers, those that are looking to promote their businesses, and those that want to do something special for an employee.

We have gotten several orders from local businesses that use our hand decorated cookies to send Thank You messages to their customers. What a GREAT way to say thanks, sending a handmade, personalized, delicious gift to each customer. This is a very unique way to say thanks!

Another group wants to use the cookies to promote their business using cookies as a business gift. We have designed unique, one of a kind cookies for them, and we also offer a Logo Cookie that allows our customers to print their company logo or message directly onto the cookie using edible food coloring. Wow, talk about a unique promotional tool!

The last group wants to give a thoughtful gift to an employee, or perhaps a customer, and they generally order a cookie gift basket as a way of giving thanks. We custom design each gift basket for the intended recipient creating a very memorable business gift.

Whatever your neeeds may be, consider using our delicious hand decorated cookies as a memorable gift for your employees and customers...they will be thrilled and amazed with the gift. Check out what we have to offer.