Birthday Cookie Arrangements

Lets us make a birthday cookie arrengement for your next party!


We find more and more parents are choosing cookies over cake for their childrens birthday party. More kids like cookies than cake. There is always cake left over at the end of party, but cookies can be sent home with each kid.

The chance that 20 kids are all going to like the same flavor of birthday cake is small... but kids love our delicious sugar cookies..lighty, flaky, and buttery frosted with our flavorful buttercream icing.

birthday cookies

Birthday cookies can be colored with both "girl colors" and "boy colors" so that everyone gets just what they want, or simply colored with the birthday girl or boys favorite colors.

We are happy to personalize each birthday cookie for you, and can create a custom birthday cookie arrengement if you like.

birthday cookie

birthday cake cookies cake cookie cutter

Birthday Cake Cookie - $3.00

Have your cookie and eat it too.
The best of both worlds, a hand decorated cookie
in the shape of a birthday cake.


princess birthday cookie

princess cookie girls princess birthday princess party cookie

Princess Dress Cookie - $3.00

What little girl would not love
these cookies for her birthday?
Perfect for the little princess in
your family, these birthday cookies
are sure to be a hit at the party.


baby cookie gift box

Sports Team Gift Box - $29.95

What is your birthday boy/girl's
favorite team? The Oregon State Beavers
are shown here but we can decorate cookies
for any sports team...local sports teams
as well.Available in 6, 12, 18 configuration.

baby cookie gift box

Little Princess Cookie Gift Box - $29.95

Our Litte Princess cookie gift box
includes 12 custom designed princess
cookies celebrating the birth of your
little princess


animal birthday cookies

Animal Party (6 Cookies) - $19.95

Have an animal lover in the family?
These adorable cookies are decorated with
your choice of colors. Ask about discounts
for larger quantities


birthday cookies

IPod Cookie Bouquet - $55.00

The lucky lady that received
these cookies loved photography
and listening to music. The
camera was the same brand as
she uses to take photographs
and the IPod matched hers.
Designed in her High School
colors...the perfect gift!

crown cookies

girls princess birthday princess party cookie

Crown Cookies - $3.00

One of my daughters favorite cookie
cutters! We can customize with your
favorite colors...or design your own.


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