Cookie Cutters For Every Occassion

Although cookie cutters are traditionally used during Christmas and for making decorated sugar cookies, during the past decade the trend is to use them for all sorts of applications throughout the year.

There are cutouts for Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween, Birthdays and Weddings. These versatile kitchen tools have a number of other applications as well and are used in the kitchen to artfully cut kids pancakes, peanut butter sandwiches, or play-doh.

Cookie cutters come in all shapes and sizes, and a variety of different materials. From a mini cutter to large ones they are widely available in metal, copper, and plastic.

You can never have to many and we like keeping a lots of different ones hand to meet different needs and ensure that we have the correct shapes for our projects.

While it is great to have a large selection to choose from, invariably you will find yourself wanting a specific utter that you don't have. When this is the case use your creativity and consider different possibilities or alternatives for the shapes you do have.

For example, round cookie cutters can be used for a variety of different designs. A basketball, a clock, a snowflake, a gift basket, or a christmas wreath are only a few of the possibilities that this simple shape can provide you.

Consider the shapes you own...what are some of the possibilities?

So, whether you are baking cookies for your sisters baby shower or planning a cookie swap, there is a cutter that will meet your needs.