Try a Cookie Decorating Party

If you are looking for ideas for your childs next party in or around Bend Oregon, how about a cookie decorating party? Never heard of such a thing, well then be the first to explore the fun and ease of hosting a cookie decorating birthday party or special event.

cookie decorating birthday party

If you are like us, you may be getting tired of the gymnastics center, swim center, chuck e cheese, or roller skating parties that are so common these days. But what alternatives are there?

How about combining Art and Baking and try something new? Our cookie decorating party package includes everything you need to teach your children how to decorate cookies...including a professional cookie decorator. The kids will have a blast learning how to use the equipment, making their own cookies designs, and sharing their art with others. And best of all...they get to it their artwork!

Hi, I'm Gina and my husband and I started Bend Cookie Company as a way to combine our passions of food, baking, and art. We quickly realized that kids love to decorate cookies when our daughter and her friends were always asking if "they could try", so we set them up with a cookie and a couple bags of icing and they loved it.

We created our Cookie Decorating Party package as a way to share with others the fun, creativity, and delicious experience of decorating cookies, and so far the feedback we are getting suggests that others think so as well.

Here is what our package includes:

  • 1 1/2 hours of instruction from a professional cookie decorator
  • 15 pre-baked sugar cookies (cookie cutter design of your choice)
  • 15 disposable decorating bags filled with colored icing
  • Our delicious buttercream icing - pre-made with colors of your choice (max. 4 colors)
  • Our delicious buttercream icing - pre-made with colors of your choice (max. 4 colors)
  • All misc. materials for 15 kids

Cookie Decorating Birthday Party - $150.00 (Each additional child $6.00)

So really all you need is a work table for the kids to decorate their cookies and we will take care of the rest.

As always, we can custom design a package that meets your needs...just give us a call or email