Cookie Decorating Supplies

We are often asked where we get our cookie decorating supplies, and while the answer is it depends on what products we need to purchase, we wanted to provide a few of our favorites.

We get most of our cookie supplies from wholesale suppliers, some of which actually required you to own & operate a business in order to take advantage of their lower wholesale pricing.

One of the first commercial accounts we established was with CK Products. The are a wholesale distributor and manufacturer for the cake decorating, candy making, wedding cake and kitchen supply industries

Sugar Craft is another good resource for all of your cookie decorating needs. They offer both wholesale and retail accounts, so whether you decorate cookies professionally or not you can find what you need.

Another great resource, although we have not purchase a lot from them, is Karen's Cookies. Karen is very nice and has always answered all of our emails personally. She is a talented cookie artist herself, besides having a great online store.

There are literally hundreds of additional resources for cookie decorating supplies. Spend a little time searching the internet and you will find what you are looking for.