Unique Cookie Wedding Favors

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Let's face it, your wedding is unique and your wedding favors should be as well. Cookie wedding favors are a unique, delicious way to thank your guests for attending your wedding.

At Bend Cookie Company we have lots of great cookie favor designs to choose from, but the best part is we will work with you to custom design a cookie wedding favor that is unique to your wedding.

But before you call us up and have us start baking a couple hundred cookies for family and friends, you might need a little help with all of the other details needed to make your wedding unique and special.

There are lots of great wedding coordinators in Bend and around Central Oregon, but one of our favorites is Angela Sweetman the owner of A Sweet Event. She has been a resident in Central Oregon for over 25 years and found a passion to coordinate weddings after assisting many friends and family with their own.

Her experience has taught her how to effectively manage and organize large groups of people with respect and creativeness.

Check out her website and give her a call for you wedding coordinator needs.

...then give us a call and order your unique cookie wedding favors.

As always, we can custom design a package that meets your needs...just give us a call or email