Crown Cookie Cutter

Our crown cookie cutter is one of my favorite cutters. I am not sure if it is because it reminds me of playing dress up with my friends as a little girl, or because it is fun to create new cookie designs using pinks, purples, and lots of sparklies.

Whenever we get an order that uses one of our crown cookie cutters I always make lots of extras so that my daughter and her friends have some to decorate for an after school craft project.

crown cookie

It is always so much fun to see the creations they come up with...although they usually run me out of sanding sugar because they love to add sparkles to all of their cookie creations.

crown cookie

These are great for lots of different occassions, birthdays, girlie parties, baby showers, graduation gifts, or anytime the recipient loves crowns and sparkles!

You can order these as individual Crown Cookies, or as a complete Princess Cookie Gift.

Order the cookies you see online, or s always, we can custom design a package that meets your needs...just give us a call or email