Graduation Cookies

Graduation is an important time in a persons life. For a young person graduating grade school, a teenager at High School graduation, or the college grad finishing up 4 long years their graduation day will be something they remember for the rest of their life, and in some cases share stories with their children or grandchildren.

graduation cookies

I can still remember walking across the stage to receive my diploma with my 2 year old son holding my hand. It was an unplanned moment, but something I will always treasure.

I remember most of the gifts I was given by family and friends, the "big gifts" being a brief case and a tie. I suppose every MBA graduate should receive such gifts. As nice as these gifts were I don't consider any of them heart felt or personal, I am as guilty as the next person to running out to buy a present at the last minute. I am sure that one or more of these gifts fell into this category.

Are you face with the daunting task of buying the graduate a gift?

  • What gift is age appropriate?
  • How to give a customer, personalized gift?
  • How do you give a gift from the heart?

Finding an age appropriate gift is always a challenge. Not only do you have to know what boys or girls of a particular age are into, but often the mere fact that they are graduating and moving into the next phase of their life means a different gift is appropriate.

Gifts that are personalized or created specifically for an individual are always better to give...and receive, that a mass produced gift. A graduation cookie that designed with the colors of their school and customized with their name or another thought is a very special gift.

Graduation cookies are a gift from the heart. The care and thought that is put into each cookie will be noticed, and appreciated.

Choosing a graduation gift does not need to be a difficult or daunting process. We can help you select a gift that will be cherished by the grad.

Choosing the right graduation gift need not be a difficult or daunting process. Order your Graduation Cookies today and let us customize them just for your special grad.

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