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Hand Decorated Cookie

To many, hand decorated cookies remind them of Christmas trees and angels covered in a few red and green sprinkles in December… with maybe of few of those silver balls thrown on for good measure. While I have many memories of decorating cookies with my mom and sister around the holidays, today's decorated cookies have evolved into little works of art.

In fact, it is the artistry of decorating cookies that first got me interested in learning how to create my own hand decorated cookies, and to eventually start my own business designing decorated cookies to celebrate life special events. We were not the first to decide to turn our passion for cookies into a business. There are many small businesses around the country that design and bake hand decorated sugar cookies, and in the past few years, larger businesses and franchises have entered the marketplace.

Many of these larger companies market Cookie Bouquets as their primary product, "mass producing" Get Well or Happy Birthday themed cookies on a stick…each one "made to order" just like the last one.

The bigger the better for us we think, because as the companies get larger they lose touch with their customers, and for us creating a one of a kind, personalized cookie that meets our customers' needs is what this business is all about. And cookies are not just for birthday parties any more…

Want edible centerpieces for a private or corporate affair? Cookies can be designed and decorated to meet the needs of corporate clients, whether theme based or incorporating a corporate logo, cookies are now taking center stage in board rooms across the country.

So, whether you need a distinctive gift for that special something, a thank you wedding favor for your bridesmaid and wedding party, a platter of treats for corporate business executives with a company logo, or just want to congratulate you kids team with jersey cookies with their own numbers on them, decorated sugar cookies now fill the need.

And…not only do the cookies look beautiful but they taste GREAT as well. None of that tasteless cookie with rock hard icing, nope, a sweet, buttery cookie with a soft flavorful icing is the choice for all of our cookies. Guaranteed! If you are looking for sugar cookie recipes, tips and tricks for cookie decorating, or need a dozen customized cookies for your next event…take a look at what we have to offer.

As always, we can custom design a package that meets your needs...just give us a call or email

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